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72015 Fasano (Brindisi)
Apulia - Italy
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  … among white sculpted walls, gilded by the sun and caressed by the sea breeze
… lazy and loving time has stopped here to listen to the sound of silence.

  Surrounded by a 60-Ha ancient olive grove, a mere 2 Km from the shore of ancient Egnathia, far from the city chaos, and protected by its old walls from the corruption of time and the passage of different civilisations, Masseria Maccarone is an ideal place for those looking for a peaceful holiday, a return to simple life in direct contact with Mediterranean nature, and with the reality of an active farmstead, among the chirping of birds and the coolness of citrus orchards, in an atmosphere that seems to have escaped the damage wrought by time.
The semi-fortified monumental architectural complex, protected by the Ministry of Culture and the Environment, was recently restored to host farm-holiday lovers in the ancient farmsteads.
  The oldest section of Masseria Maccarone, dating back to the 16th Century, is represented by the farmstead: a long whitewashed building, featuring a lovely balcony and a bell, which in the past was used to summon the farmers. In contrast with this simple architectural style, in 1754 the manor house was built, with a spectacular façade in an elegant city style, recalling late Baroque Martina Franca style, and Neapolitan 17th Century architecture. Also the little church, built in the same style as the manor house, with a barrel and ribbed vault in the middle dates back to the same period. Two white columns in Rococo style flank the opening in the walls which in the past protected the farmstead from attacks. Inside, up until a few years ago, gentlemen, farmers and peasants lived in a small self-sufficient world, with stables, the oil mill, citrus and olive orchards. To this date, those entering the farmstead will savour the enchanted atmosphere of those times, in a reality that has remained untouched by the passage of the years   Various accommodation solutions are available; from a minimum of 2 to a maximum of 7 people, in self-contained apartments with kitchenette. The structure can accommodate 50 people approximately.