Via Lecce 144;
72016 Speziale di Fasano (Brindisi)
Apulia - Italy
Tel/Fax +39 080.4810185
  A former post house built in the late nineteenth century, 100 m above sea level, the Narducci Farm was fully refurbished in line with the typical characteristics of ancient Apulian masserie.

  An element worth noticing is represented by the ancient stables now turned into comfortable bedrooms equipped with private bath, heating and air-conditioning, where you may relax in total comfort. The farmstead is open all year round, and there are 9 rooms accommodating a total of 27 persons.   Cooking, supervised with great passion by the farm owners, and making use of their own produce, offers tasty and genuine typical Apulian countryside dishes. Agricultural produce is also available for sale, including Rosolios, puréed tomatoes, preserves and jams, products in oil, vegetables and extra-virgin olive oil, made from ancient olive trees.   A fully restored room, where in the past oil-making equipment was located, has been used to host the Restaurant. The room has been turned into a beautiful hall, enhancing the art and expertise of the Fasano master masons, who have used lime-wash to heighten the beauty of the ribbed vaults, recalling past splendours and two-hundred years old architecture.   The farm's own agricultural produce is on sale (also by mail order, fast courier, cash on delivery), and includes different types of Rosolios (laurel, mint, lemon, myrtle, quince, walnut, etc…), pureed tomatoes, preserves, crushed olives preserved in extra-virgin olive oil made from ancient olive trees, different types of vegetables preserved in oil (aubergines, tomatoes, bell peppers, etc….).